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Bullying Sessions Report 13th June 2018


Middle school years are often considered a difficult time for children. Studies indicate that around 30% of students were involved in bullying as a bully and/or victim of bullying. With the purpose of creating awareness about bullying and building a community of strengths among the students, Edwina Pereira, the executive director of Child First Foundation facilitated workshops on bullying for class 5, 6 and 7 on the 13th of June 2018. The Foundation works towards providing a healthy, happy and safe environment for children today. Edwina Pereira was able to use story telling, interactive activities and visual media to facilitate an effective understanding of bullying as well as enlighten the students with the uniqueness in every human being today.

Standard 5
She conducted a session for 131 students from standard 5 using games, activities and story telling as effective mediums to communicate the important message of bullying. She promoted a sense of unity with a focus on planning by initiating a game as well as opening up discussion to the group. She encouraged the students to recognize strengths in themselves, communicate those strengths with their fellow classmates and recognizing the strengths of those around them as well. The students were interested and engaged in the session and were able to connect to the importance of every unique individual and what they have to offer. For this purpose, the story of the "cracked pot" was also communicated to the children through a video.

Standard 6
The session started with a discussion regarding what bullying is. Since standard 6, consisting of 183 students, had already been oriented to the concept of bullying in the past, they were able to connect to the topic from the very beginning. Storytelling and interactive activities became the primary mediums for the session. One of the interactive activities was 'Beautiful, Okay and Ugly' where she would say a body part and the students had to decide which category do they perceive that body part for themselves. This was followed by an open discussion regarding how every individual is unique thereby indicating how beautiful each individual is. The focus of the session was on recognizing the inner beauty, capability and strengths of each individual and how those can be buffers against bullying.

Standard 7
Bullying is not a concept that is foreign to most students and the 7th standard were able to connect with the topic as well as think outside the box with regard to how to deal with the issue. The session had more open discussions as well as some information being given by Edwina with the purpose of the students understanding how to deal with bulling. The importance of the uniqueness in ourselves and others was emphasized and the students were able to relate to and associate with the stories and instances she would share with them. They were able to learn and imbibe a lot more than previously spoken to them about bullying. Overall, it was an interactive and engaging session for everybody involved.