Admission Guidelines

  • Every candidate for admission must be introduced by letter, or by the one who will be responsible to the Principal for his conduct and application at home to be eligible for admission.
  • No candidate shall be admitted without an application in the prescribed form accompanied by a Transfer Certificate. If he comes from another state, the Transfer Certificate has to be countersigned by the Education Officer of that place. For the Middle School, every Transfer Certificate of students coming in from non-State-syllabus schools (ICSE or CBSE) needs to be countersigned by the B.E.O. Such students should also produce an Eligibility Certificate from the DDPI’s Office.
  • Parents and Guardians shall make sure of the name and date of birth of children before they are recorded in the school register. The name and date of birth once entered in the school records cannot be altered without the written permission of the Director of Public Instruction in Karnataka.
  • Satisfactory testimonials of good conduct shall be required from pupils who come from other institutions.
  • Candidates who pass the VII Standard Examination in our Middle School have to seek fresh admission in the VIII Standard. Priority will be given to pupils of our own Middle School. But only those who are selected, will be admitted to Std. VIII. No student of our own Middle School can claim any right to be admitted to Std. VIII in the High School.