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We are living in a competitive world. Even education seems to thrive on competition. The concept of competition is a destructive concept. Look at the world of business today. Listen to the common conversation among people and students. Who is the richest man in India or the world? Which is the best company that pays most? Which is the most profit making business or corporate sector? Competition looks at everyone else as an enemy to be defeated. Look at our elections – every party goes all out to DEFEAT the OTHER in order to WIN.
Their joy is not so much in winning as in defeating the other. Most often moral values are sacrificed in this process of competition. In a competitive world, no success is success.
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Best School in ka

At St. Joseph's Indian Institutions, we aspire to form persons who have more of Competence, Compassion, Conscience and Commitment.

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Encourage the faint hearted, help the weak, be patient with them all