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Staff Orientation (All Indian Institutions):

The 20th of June saw Reverend Fr Eugene and Fr Prathap address the staff members of all the Indian Institutions together on the ideals and values that govern the Jesuit educational system. It was also the day on which we bid adieu to Rev. Fr Anil D’Mello and welcomed Rev. Fr Leo Pereira as the new Rector for St Joseph’s Indian Institutions. The farewell and welcoming ceremony was filled with grace and solemnity and Dr Vincent A, Vice-Principal of the PU College shared fond memories of working with Fr Anil D’Mello.

The seminar on Jesuit educational system can be succinctly summarised as Fr Eugene described being a teacher as putting together your head, heart and hands while dealing with the students. Without intellect, affection and dexterity, it becomes harder to form men and women for others. He stressed on how our educational system takes on a world affirming role as it pursues excellence in humanistic and scientific development. Fr Eugene’s ten commandments that every teacher ought to follow was an impressive guide to all, especially the novices, in the field of education. The seminar also addressed issues of physical safety of the students and ways to deal with victims of various forms of abuse. Fr Eugene’s experience and Fr Prathap’s youthfulness together made an enlightening seminar.