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Leadership Training Program for Student Council Members of 2019-20


A training program was for the students who were elected as the Student council members from St. Joseph's Indian Middle and High School on the 25th of June 2019, Tuesday. The aim of the session was to instill the leadership qualities in them and help them perform their duties effectively. The program was conducted by Mr. John Bosco Abraham who is a Senior Manager at BHEL in Bengaluru. He has 30 years of work experience and training students and employees in the field of communication and leadership. He was welcomed and introduced by Fr. Henry Saldanha, SJ.
The objective of the session was building leaders who can lead themselves and lead others, making a difference for the better. Hence the focus of the session was on understanding who a leader is, what the qualities of a leader are, the importance of effective communication and building listening skills and developing interpersonal skills.
Discussing about who a leader is and what his role would be, Mr. Abraham stressed on a leader being a light for others, being approachable, being dedicated, energetic and respectful towards others encouraging the students to develop these qualities to excel as a leader. He proceeded in giving real life accounts and observations on several qualities like sincerity, responsibility, integrity, availability, having a team spirit and such which every leader must possess. Through various activities involving the students, he demonstrated the importance to develop those qualities and how it makes a difference in the leadership work that they do in school and their everyday life, helping them shape their personalities and their image. Discussing about developing communication skills, he helped students understand the various forms of communication that take place in a conversation and the significance of concentration and listening in conveying messages efficiently. Through team building activities, all the student leaders were encouraged to work together, communicate efficiently and focus on the goal at hand to produce the best possible results. The session came to an end with a group