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Eye Check-up


2016 Marked another stepping stone for SJIMS An "Eye Testing Camp" was conducted for the students where 3 optometrist from Shariff's Sight - N - Time along with one of the parent (Khalid Shariff ) Took the initiative of having the eyes tested for all the kids of SJIMS and maintaining the data for future reference every year from 29 September 2016 onwards . As seen lot of students from classes at a very young age were not aware of the fact that they were having power for their eyes. A thorough session of eye check up was conducted both with the help of Computerized Eye testing and Manual Eye check up , by a team of three Optometrists

1. Mr Shakir Shariff (senior optometrist and horologist.) 2. Mr. Azmath (Optometrist and Optical technician) 3. Mr Waseem Shariff (Optometrist)

As an offering from Shariff's Sight - N -Time ( Estd. Since 1925 Authorised Dealers for all optical lenses and frames and Opticians by Trade ) to provide a group of their well qualified Optometrist every year at SJIMS to conduct An "Eye testing Camp" for all the students from Class 5th to 7th was conducted on the as the first successful bath which got their eyes tested and the records were documented as well to keep a close track of Eye health check up done regularly every year to detect any flaws in sight to be treated at the very beginning of detection especially for the prescription Eye wear.

All of this couldn't have been possible with support from the honorable Board Members , Principle and Staff and PTA community organized by SJIMS which was formed as a call to interaction and cause and initiative which involved the Parents, Kids on one hand along with the Board Members, The principle and Staff members who hand in hand took a call to action whenever an action in this reference being an "Eye test Camp " initiative was executed successfully and will be running simultaneously every year.

There are suggestions to get the whole campus including SJIP and Commerce section eyes tested and checked as well. They will go through the Eye Testing Camp "tested every year for the whole campus by the end of Year 2019 onwards which will then be a continuous process".