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Co-curricular Activities are an essential part of education. It is obligatory for every student to participate in any one of the co-curricular activities by enrolling themselves into at least one of the following associations or clubs, run in the school.

Activity Clubs:
Every Friday 2-3 p.m. a period has been allotted for the students for CCA, where he can join any one of the following clubs and there by participate in the activities of that particular club. The following are the various clubs active in the Middle School under the able guidance of Mrs. Kalpana Singh, the coordinator of the CCA clubs 2013

Eco Club
"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and one another" - Mahatma Gandhi

Eco Club has played an important role in creating environment awareness amongst the future generation. The students are motivated to keep their surrounding green and clean by understanding plantation of trees.

Debates are held in class regarding conservation of water. Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags and not to throw them in public places. Group discussions were conducted on topics related to environment such as Global Warming, Pollution, Population, Poverty, Science and technology.

Craft Club
Art is collaboration between God and the artists. - Andre Gide.

Art provides a wonderful medium of expressing our inner desire and let out our stored energy. Art club students are taught the following topics; Pencil Shading, Still life composition, landscape, fevicol painting, stencil printing, vase painting and geometrical designs.

Literary Club
The Literary Club provides a mutually supportive and a positive learning environment for the students to develop skills in poetry, essay, debating, acting, declamation, story writing and speeches.

Students are taking a keen interest in all these activities. These activities will also help children to shed away their inhibitions and become smart and active in their life.

Music Club
The music club of the middle school students is continuing under the leadership of music teacher Mrs. Prescilla Pereira. The enthusiasm and interest evinced by the members of the club bore fruit in the many performances of the club members at various celebrations in the school. Students in the music club performed creditably in the competitions.

Quiz Club
Young minds have lots to discover thus they came out with many questions and seeking answers. Quiz club assigns topics for every class, based on this the quiz is conducted.

Dance Club
The dance "A minimum of explanation , A minimum of anecdotes and a maximum of sensations, it is a poetic baring of the soul through motion."

Dance is the most emphatic form of art it helps our students to get rid of pent up stress and other conflicting emotions while it may seem like a mere recreational activity, for some it is a liberating experience for others, it is like a hidden language of the soul with various styles of Dance such as western, eastern, classical, semi-classical, hip hop.

Philately Club
The oxford dictionary defines philately as "the collection and study of stamps". Philately is a delightful hobby that sharpens and satisfies our aesthetic tastes. This process of learning becomes more delightful though visuals and brief write ups.

Philately cultivates a meticulous and focused attention. It also helps us to make friends across boundaries and age limits. We as philately club conduct various programmes. We have individual slam book with variety of collections such as cartoon pictures, various dress styles pictures, political, science etc., which are displayed in the classrooms. Tips are given by incharge teacher for the display of charts, preparation of charts. Question and answer sessions are conducted.

Science Club
Many science talent contests organized by several agencies and organizations provide enough scope for our young scientists to display their talent and interests.

Students of our club participated in the international level annual "Science Talent Exam" organized by the Chitradurga based "Putani Vignana" and have returned home with flying colours.

Many programmes were arranged for science club students such as model making conducting experiments, visiting museums etc. It enabled them to develop scientific spirit.

Social Service Club

"Serving the poor is to serve the God" Ramakrishna mission and the Mother Teresa believe in the same above said noble principle. Our Social club was inaugurated by Mrs. Brenda Adige. We conduct various activities on creating awareness about social issues.

Tiger Club
In this life we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love. Tiger club of SJIMS is one such small thing newly introduced in our school in the academic year 2013-2014 the motto of this club is "Save Tiger". "Saving Tiger means saving mankind and giving awareness to the people with various activities held on the topic tiger?

Debate Club
'Today's children are tomorrow's citizens' keeping this principle in mind, our teaching staff try their best in moulding the hidden talents of children. We also believe that what we leave in children matters more, than what we leave for children. Keeping this in mind, debate is taught to the students.

Kannada Sangha

The Kannada Sangha teach the children the art of writing short stories and poems.

Student Council:
School shows great interest to select a team of student council members who are able to communicate between the management & students. We give an opportunity to students to select their leaders (SPL & DSPL) and the house captains and other class leaders & volunteers have been chosen by the teachers. Mr. Nagappa and Mr. Nagaru, the PE teachers are the coordinators of the Middle School Council.

Each class has been provided an opportunity to hold the assembly session with the various performances like skit, dance, action song etc. The order of the assemblies conducted by the classes goes on like this throughout the year. 7A, 7B, 7C, 7D, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 5A, 5B, 5C & 5D. Assemblies provide a platform to our students to exhibit their talent as their class group.

Student's Picnic:
This year students had a good opportunity to go for a one day picnic to various spots in the month of October. Students of class 5th went to the Innovative Film City near Bidadi and to an Ice Cream Factory. The class 6th went to Srirangapatna and other nearby places and had a great day. The 7th students went to the Discovery Village and Eleem Resort and enjoyed their day out.

Sports coaching:
School offers an excellent coaching in Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Swimming and other games by the experienced SAI (Sports Authority of India) coaches. The two experienced PE teachers of the middle school give their full support to all the sports events in the school.

We offer a good counseling session to every student once in a month by Mrs. Brunda, Middle school councilor and also students can approach her any time regarding any problem they are facing. A separate counseling room has been provided to meet the madam. She is available on Tuesdays & Thursdays in our school.