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Campus Facilities

A Sneak peek into our School facilities:
The School is located in the heart of the city on Mallya Road. The 125 year old campus is a blend of tradition and innovation. Its central location facilitates easy access to bus-stops and other amenities.

The School boasts of producing many achievers in the field of sports. Students are encouraged and provided with ample opportunities to excel in their sphere of sports and games both indoor and outdoor. The many representations by our students at State, National and International level competitions vouch for the same. The school has its own Basket ball and volley ball courts and a Hockey arena.The multipurpose Astroturf arena is used for Hockey, Rugby, Foot Ball, Hand Ball and Cricket. The presence of a multi purpose sand court helps the students for Beach Volley Ball, Khabadi, Long Jump, Short Put and also for training purpose.

Spacious classrooms with made-to-order furniture provide adequate comfort and learning atmosphere to the students. All the classrooms are equipped with the latest Smart learning systems, delivering the best to the students.

The School has 1 Hall and also shares the Auditorium with other group institutions in the campus.

As a student counselor, students’ psychological development and needs are addressed by conducting one to one sessions, group sessions and workshops in the class rooms. During these sessions students are encouraged to explore and identify their skills and support is provided to them to optimally utilise their hidden potential. Through these sessions, self reflection and self responsibility for personal growth is encouraged and achieved. This result in enhancing closer bonding within groups and enabling them to enter into a new realm of meaningfully relating to each other and to other significant people in their lives.

There is a School canteen to cater to the requirements of the staff and students. However, the school encourages the students to bring lunch from home.

Health Unit:
The School as a in house health unit, which caters to the basic first aid and medical requirements during school hour. The unit has a dedicated staff.