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School Reopening for Students: Morning Assembly

The school reopened for the academic year 2019-20 for the high school students on the 29 th of May, 2019 with all of the students, along with their parents gathering in the quadrangle for the morning assembly at 8.45 AM. After an organized formation of the assembly lines, Fr. Henry Saldanha SJ addressed the students welcoming them back to the school and hoisted the school flag as everyone stood in attention saluting the flag followed by the school anthem sung in chorus by all the students and the staff. A prayer for the success and good fortune of the students, the staff and the school was performed by Rector Fr. Leo C Pereira SJ. Fr. Henry Saldanha and Fr. Cyril Menezes SJ addressed all the students about the beginning of a new academic year and stressed on the discipline and the rules that are to be followed by all. Class teachers were assigned for each section and they were called out for the knowledge of the students. The assembly session ended with all the students, the staff and the parents singing the national anthem after which, the class teachers proceeded in escorting the students to their respective classrooms.