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The Investiture Ceremony of the Student Council Members

The Investiture Ceremony for the student council members and the farewell Ceremony for the outgoing staff members were conducted on 22 June 2019, Saturday, in the School auditorium in the presence of all the St. Joseph’s Indian High School students, staff and the management. The welcome address was given by Fr. Felix Anand SJ where all the dignitaries including Rector Fr. Leo C Pereira SJ. Fr. Henry Saldanha and Fr. Cyril Menezes SJ along with the outgoing staff members Mr. Gopal and Mrs. Bernadette Roche were welcomed on to the stage with saplings. This was followed by a prayer by Mrs. Reshma D’Souza and Mrs. Lorraine Veona Aiman seeking the blessings of God.

The first event was the Investiture Ceremony which was held to felicitate the student council members who are appointed for the academic year 2019-20. All the members were called on stage to be presented with badges and flags of their respective council body after which, pledges to perform their duty were taken by all the members in the presence of the dignitaries. The student council members appointed for the academic year are as follows.

Designation Name of the Student Class
School Pupil Leader Numan Hashmi 10 B
Deputy School Pupil Leader Timothy Bhatt 10 D
Bhabha House Captain Shrujan R Garag 10 B
Bhabha House Deputy Captain Adhithya C.K 9 F
Bhabha House Asst. Captain Santhosh. P 8 F
Loyola House Captain Vijay Indra Tejas 10 F
Loyola House Deputy Captain Tabarak Hussain 9 D
Loyola House Asst. Captain Karthik Raj. R 8 D
Nehru House Captain Abdulla Begh 10 C
Nehru House Deputy Captain Suraj Xavier .M 9 D
Nehru House Asst. Captain Irudaya Jason .J 8 E
Tagore House Captain Krishna Hariharan .T 10 E
Tagore House Deputy Captain Munesh. R 9 D
Tagore House Asst. Captain Govardhan. Y 8 C
Sports Captain Aaron Joshua .J 10 F
Sports Deputy Captain Neil S D’Souza 9 F
Sports Asst. Captain Prajwal Patel S.R 8 E
Cultural Captain Thejas Mayur.S 10 F
Cultural Deputy Captain Aflah Shadil. M 9 B
Cultural Asst. Captain Vishnu Vardhan .R 8 B
Discipline Captain Mir Irfan Mehdi 10 E
Discipline Deputy Captain Harish. R 9 B
Discipline Asst. Captain Paul Andrew A.R 8 E
Literary Captain Roneel. V 10 D
Literary Deputy Captain Prahas S Nairy 9 B
Literary Asst. Captain Nicholas Ronaldinho 8 B