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As the age old saying goes, a good beginning makes a good end. Keeping this ideal in mind, in order to kick start the new academic year, the Inauguration of II PUC was held on 1 June 2018. The programme began with a heartfelt invocation followed by the Fr.Henry Saldanha’s address. The new principal Mr Vinod Amrithraj M and the new Vice-Principal Dr Flora D'Souza were introduced to the students. Fr Henry Saldanha SJ took over as the Director of SJICPUC.

The programme also saw the release of the magazine and introduction of the staff members who have joined the SJICPUC family this academic year.

Fr Leo Pereira SJ, Rector, SJII addressed the gathering, reiterating the ideals of “Faith and Toil”. Mr Vinod Amrithraj also spoke to the students emphasising the importance of II PUC in one’s life. The programme ended with a set of instructions given by Dr Flora D'Souza.