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Being part of a legacy unparalleled in excellence, there is a strong sense of belongingness and togetherness that we share as alumni of SJII. The SJII Alumni Association is an instrument that connects every individual who has been nurtured by this great institution.

SJII has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, artists, writers and what not. The Alumni Association brings all these outstanding people together on a single dais. This collective excellence is our contribution to the growing generation, the Institute and the society as a whole. We seamlessly connect with the Institute, faculty, students and fellow alumni.


The SJII Alumni Association aims to link the alumni to the institution, develop synergistic plans to support the institution and achieve its vision, and to enable the institute to add value to all its stakeholders.

Our objectives are:

  • To establish and maintain an alumni association structure – board, chapters, batch representatives that will enable in the smooth governance of the association
  • To inspire alumni to enhance the leadership of the Institute
  • To provide a focal point of contact among alumni to interact and network with each other
  • To support the institute with resources that it will need for its various activities
  • To strengthen ties between the Institute and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural and social activities

All graduates who studied from SJII including SJIMS, SJIHS and SJICPUC and will automatically become eligible to be an Alumni Association member.